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You may have insurance cover for legal representation so It is therefore worth checking your policy. Or you may be eligible for legal aid.

If not you can take you can take advantage of our fixed fee scheme.

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Legal Aid for Criminal Defence

As at 27.1.14 the interests of justice and means test still applies (see below) but with a cut off for those people who have a disposable income above £37,500 after which legal aid is not available.  So some defendants will now have to pay for representation up front for serious criminal cases.If disposable income is between £3398 and £37500 legal aid is still available but with a contribution. It is often the case that the contributions are more than the eventual legal aid bill! We can give you a fairly accurate idea of the likely cost of your case if you choose the legal aid route and so it will be advisable to check your likely contributions first before deciding if you wish to try for legal aid. To do this download this calculator. It is provided by the Legal Aid agency and you will need to enable macros to use the spreadsheet.

There are two tests for legal aid:

Interests of Justice test: This looks at  the merits of the case. Factors can include  a person’s previous convictions, the nature of the offence, the risk of custody ,  and if you are at risk of a serious risk to your reputation.

Means test : This is a financial test looking at things like household income, capital, and outgoings. The calculator will work out if you are eligible.

If your  case is being heard in the Crown Court, and your  household disposable income is equal to or exceeds the financial eligibility threshold of £37,500, you  will not be granted legal aid and will be expected to pay privately. If your disposable income is less than £37,500 then the full means test will determine how much you  need to contribute towards your defence costs. This could be from your income, your capital or a combination of both.

If you are refused legal aid in the magistrates’ court or the Crown Court then you will be expected to pay privately for the cost of  your defence but if you  are found not guilty, you  can apply to reclaim some or all of your  defence costs from central funds .

If you do not qualify or can not afford the contributions to legal aid Rose & Dunn  offer a seamless service and will agree a fixed fee for representation.

Police station advice and assistance:There is no fee if you have not previously had a solicitor involved. You are entitled to advice and assistance at any time free of charge. Ask for us if arrested and we will answer the call any time of the day or night.
Magistrates Court :You may be able to get legal aid ( see above ) but if you do not qualify for this assistance we will usually represent you for a fixed fee. If you pay us for representation and you are found not guilty a proportion of your fees will be paid back to you because you will be able to apply to central funds for an order to pay your legal costs which will be paid at the legal aid hourly rate. We will explain this in further detail on request.

Fixed fees

Advice and representation up to and including first hearing for a guilty plea £400
Advice, and representation up to and including attending plea and trial preparation hearing ( not guilty plea ) £400
Preparation for trial in Magistrates ( in addition to previous fees for attending first hearing ) £500
Representation at magistrates court trial half day ( in addition to previous fees ) £500
Representation at Magistrates court for any hearing other than trial or sentence ( in addition to previous fees ) £300
Representation at Magistrates all day trial ( per full day and in addition to previous fees) £800
Representation at police station** free
Advice on appeal £150
Preparing an appeal ( incorporating advice on appeal) £250
Representation at crown court for appeal sentence £600
Representation at crown court for appeal conviction £995

* All fees are subject to VAT

* All fees are based on representation at our local court in Warrington. Additional fees will  be negotiated for out of area courts

* Assistance at the police station is only free if you have not previously used a solicitor. If you have the fee is £200

Rose & Dunn are specialist criminal defence and motoring law solicitors and higher courts advocates. We can be contacted at any time of day or night. If you need emergency police station assistance contact us using any of the methods below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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