Criminal Defence Solicitors

Rose & Dunn are Specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors based in Runcorn and Warrington providing a quality service. Our lawyers have a great many years of experience of giving advice and assistance to our clients . We have represented all manner of people for all types of cases for the people of Runcorn, Warrington, Widnes and throughout the UK.

The team at Rose & Dunn specialist criminal defence Solicitors only do crime! Our solicitors also include higher courts advocates. We are also registered with the Bar Council  of England and Wales as a training organisation. As a result a number of our employees have successfully qualified as barristers .

Our lawyers have a wide range of experience within the fields that we operate in. The mission is to take a genuine interest in our clients. We wish to understand your objectives in order to meet or exceed your expectations and dedicate ourselves to these values. Be assured that we will work hard to provide superior legal services on a timely , effective, and efficient basis. At all times we will maintain the highest standards of professional integrity.

Specialists in Crime 

Because our team include barristers and solicitors with higher courts rights of audience this means that  we can provide a seamless criminal defence service. If you nature we can represent you at every level from the police station , the Magistrates court , the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal. Legal aid is available subject to a means assessment.

Specialists in Motoring Law 

At Rose & Dunn we specialise in just a few things and so we like to think that we are good at what we do. The service that we offer includes advice and representation to the motorist in any part of the UK  at a price that you may find pleasantly surprising.

The work that we ( and any criminal defence Solicitor ) undertake on your behalf will usually fall into two categories: Litigation and advocacy. We are experts at both but it may be that you can only afford or only need assistance with one or the other. We can tailor our fixed fees to meet your requirements. It is however essential to thoroughly prepare your case at the earliest possible opportunity. This is part of the litigation process which we can help you with if you want to do this yourself.

Rose & Dunn are specialist criminal defence and motoring law solicitors and higher courts advocates. We can be contacted at any time of day or night. If you need emergency police station assistance contact us using any of the methods below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Telephone:  01928 572030 or 01925 419365
  •     WhatsApp  and text  text : 07801758664 (office)
  •     WhatsApp  and text : 07739324381 ( 24/7 )

By WhatsApp only :

  •     WhatsApp  David Rose   : 01928 572030
  •     WhatsApp  Simon Dunn  : 01925 419365