Welcome to Heath The Rat's Silly Page!

Well, this is a turn up for the books, isn't it? Heath the Rat's Silly Page showed every sign of sliding miserably into oblivion, forgotten and neglected by its owner (me). But then Yahoo's announcement that they would be closing geocities spurred me into action! Well, that's not true. It spurred the kind owners of nesthole.com into action, who offered me the chance to host Heath the Rat's Silly Page on their webspace. I am very thankful to them, though anyone who was hoping for the loss of Heath the Rat's assortment of drivellings probably won't be.

So, it gives me great pleasure to announce that with Heath the Rat's unexpected revival, there will be at least one new article, hopefully more. New articles are in the little box below. The old articles are in the box below that. I have removed some of the older articles which were genuinely a waste of space, so anyone hoping to find and laugh at my pompous and irritating pages of advice about university, for example, will be sadly disappointed.

So enjoy Heath the Rat's Silly Page, Version 2.0!

New Articles

19th January 2014 - New year, new me, new iPod - I bought an iPod the other day, and this is what I thought.

Old Articles

Articles from 2013, in which I acquire Doctor Who's Tardis, and get cross about Lucozade.

Articles from 2012, in which a nutjob comes up with an idea about Ram-Man, and I decide that Scar led a surprising double life.

Articles from 2011, in which there are some inarticulate grumblings about Andy McNab and online shopping.

Articles from 2010, in which Skeletor's motives are finally revealed, and Postman Pat gets a helicopter.

Articles from 2009, in which Heath the Rat returns from the dead and witters on about Eric Bana, among other things.

Articles from 2006, or more accurately, article from 2006.

Articles from 2005, in which a long-enduring myth about Doctor Who is exploded, and giraffes are criticised.

Articles from 2004, in which Skeletor grows his arms to a quite unusual length.

Articles from 2003, in which a disturbing number of articles about He-Man are written, and a disturbing number of games of FreeCell are played.

Articles from 2002, in which some He-Man episodes are reviewed, and some dead bears get something to eat.

Articles from 2001, in which Heath the Rat begins his career in cyberspace.